Annual Lecture

The 2018 Open House Worldwide Conference in London saw the launch of the latest Open House Worldwide initiative – its annual architecture lecture by an esteemed architect or designer on a topic of current concern to urban citizens.

2019 Lecture: Shaping Singapore
Speaker: Charu Kokate, Principal and Director of Safdie Architects
Hosted by Brisbane Open House

International Lecture – Shaping Singapore

2019 sees Brisbane Open House (BOH) celebrate 10 years of meaningful community engagement through the exploration of architecture, heritage and design. To celebrate this occasion BOH hosted the annual Open House Worldwide Lecture, showcasing Brisbane as part of a unique and growing international network.

Safdie Architects has created some of Singapore’s most inspiring architecture, including Marina Bay Sands and Changi Airport – working alongside Moshe Safdie, Charu Kokate is at the helm of these projects. In her lecture, Charu Kokate shared her experiences of creating these icons and working within the Singapore context, addressing questions of creativity within strict planning regulations, environmental considerations, and managing complex projects.

2018 Lecture: Towards a New Sustainability
Speaker: Massimo Alvisi, Alvisi Kirimoto + Partners
Hosted by the Italian Cultural Institute, London

Massimo Alvisi was the speaker at the inaugural Open House Worldwide Annual Lecture, kindly hosted by the Italian Cultural Institute in London. With 25 years of experience in architecture at a variety of scales and levels of complexity, Massimo Alvisi has been involved in many urban regeneration projects, and since 2014 has collaborated with RPBW, as tutor of the Italian suburbs rehabilitation project for the Ministry of the Environment (Senator Renzo Piano’s G124 working group). Massimo Alvisi highlighted in his lecture the varied and innovative approaches his practice has taken in all forms of sustainable design and the importance of synthesizing the built and natural environments.